Mini wing school

Mini wing school learn the basics, fly further…

Our mini wing school offers various training courses. Whether you are a complete beginner, eager to hone your training or with the will to discover new horizons, we necessarily have a course that matches your expectations.

For efficiency, our training group are limited to 4 students. Therefore less inertia, more flights and optimized and individualized training. Our operating with limited group also allows us to do video debriefings directly on the field. It is extremely effective to optimize your improvement.

We also provide private courses for a made to measure instruction, definitely the most efficient way to learn and improve!

Equipment used for the instruction in mini wing school is renew very often. We want you to discover what is the best in terms of ease, performance and weight.

Our mini wing school is recognized and accredited by the French Federation of Free Flight (FFVL)

Warning :If your goal is to learn the speed flying activity please read this!

Flying safe, improving and having fun


Beginner courses

The first step to become autonomous! Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced paragliding pilot, it’s strongly recommended to take the time to learn the basics of this new activity.

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Advanced courses

To go further in your improvement,  to become fully autonomous, discover thermal flying, mountain flying, approach speed flying. We also organise mini wing trips around France and the world

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Private courses

We provide also private courses whether you are alone or with a small group. From beginner to the most advanced trip…

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